* I am not taking reviews at the moment, as the Blog is so new... I am finding my feet. 

 My reviews are only my opinion and I always try to be constructive, say what I liked about a book or explain why it was not particularly to my taste. If I do not like a book, I will be as honest as I can in a constructive manner…I appreciate that writing is hard work so will not be negative/overly critical.

My (star) ratings can be understood as follows:

5/5 – This book is a book that I shall shout about to as many people as I can on as many platforms as I can. Over and Over again,  Fan girl, and be one of my All Time Favourites.

4/5 - GREAT book! Really enjoyed it, fantastic read and would highly recommend and be in my top reads.

3/5 – GOOD book! Aspects had me hooked. Curiousity piqued! I will definitely be looking out for your books!

2/5 – the book was OK! Parts interested me, other parts…not so much.  Might try your books again though!

1/5 - Just not my cup of tea.  Struggled. Did not have the edge for me, in my opinion.

Please note the following as contacting me assumes you have read and agree to these terms:

*I am always happy to hear from publishers and authors about books and any book received will be read/reviewed, however I cannot guarantee a timeframe unless we discuss and agree a particular date for post. This blog is a passion project, not a job. I will consider every book request but may not accept them all….and you may have to wait….

Audio Reviews will be listened and reviewed mostly By Timea Cassera.

Please read below and If you would like to contact me about a review you can contact me on the order form.

* I currently accept ebooks(Kindle Fire ), paperbacks or hardback

*I  participate in an extremely limited number of blog tours but I will always consider anything that comes my way

*I am on Netgalley, Goodreads, Facebook,  and share my reviews on these social media sites/any book clubs I may be a part of. I will always try to send links to the authors/publisher once my review is posted…

*Authors and publishers are welcome to use quotes from my review of their book only with prior consent and the blogs name must always appear along side it.
~Thank you

What I Like:

I really am truly and genuinely interested in a wide variety of books and my tastes do change. As a rule of thumb, I love crime fiction, thrillers and horrors in the main. Currently I am especially interested in the following:

Crime fiction
True Crime
Thrillers/psychological thrillers
Mysteries (darker/noir)
Women's Fiction and Literary Fiction

For my Readers
While I receive many books for review, I will always let you know where I got the book and give you my honest opinion regardless of the source.