I am back


Hope you are all keeping well. 

I am back, I didn't actually plan to take a break from blogging, once I did, I didn't see myself coming back to it. 

I was going to delete my account, and nearly did so a few times. However, I hung back, and decided I would keep it for a few months, but no plans to return. 

Recently I have received a few emails asking when the blog would be updated, and at Harrogate Rob Ashman asked me what my plans were. He missed reading my blog. 

So I told him, I would probably be back when Teen Daughter is settled in to Uni and Teen Son has settled in to his new after school life. These are positive, but big changes for them, and me. I guess the reason I didn't write my blog for a while came clear. 

It is a hobby, it is something to do in my spare time, but I have been working behind the scenes supporting the Teens on their new challenges. Emotionally tiring, without realising it at times. 

I also had the chance to go to Canada early June,,  for a very quick 5 day stay over, to visit my Grandma, and meet my relatives, one Aunt who I hadn't seen since I was 15! It was an amazing experience and I got to go to Niagara  Falls - and take my dad on the boat for his Fathers Day present. It was such a short, tiring, but amazing experience. I will definitely be going back. It is an amazing country and I would love to explore more. 

Then a family holiday, back for a few weeks and then Harrogate - where a full on fun time was had. 

Quietly behind the scenes with family, work, and the changes in social media/groups about blogging and sharing. I just needed to step back, breathe. Which I have done. 

I have been reading, although I haven't always been reviewing the books I have read - even if I did love them. Not quite sure how I feel on this, as I don't feel guilty for not sharing the reviews, I have still commented on posts, and recommended books on Facebook, just not done it formally on other platforms. 

So this is me, to coin a phrase, I am back. I shall blog, share thoughts and anyway a huge thank you to Rob Ashman, and Heather for letting me know they missed the blog, and encouraging me to carry on.