My Year In Books - 2017

This is always difficult, to round up a whole year of reading in one blog post. 

I have met some fantastic characters this year, some really disgusting characters that I never want to cross paths with, and wonderful storylines - thank you to all the authors, you really are authorsome. 

I have read approximately 150 books this year in my own time, this partly includes some reads from Bloodhound that I read for commission, but some I read in my own time, or re read when edited. 

Kindle to Book, these are books, arcs, audible, that I have read/listened to on Kindle, but must have in paperback/hardback. 

A Time To Change by Callie Langridge

December Girl by Nicola Cassidy

The Abattoir of Dreams by Mark Tilbury

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

The Mechanic Trilogy by Rob Ashman

Book Covers

book covers that were to die for, in many cases people did between the pages! 

A Time To Change by Callie Langridge

DCI Ryan Series by LJ Ross

Degrees of Darkness by Tony Forder

Valentina by Susie Lynes

The Puppet Master by Abigail Osborne

Top Crime Series

Liz Mistry - I so enjoy reading about Gus, this series is relevant, current, and the great mix of humour, family life and angst is balanced with perfect strong storylines. 

Malcolm Hollingdrake - For his novel ideas (no pun) in bringing crimes to us in a convoluted way, but easy to follow and unique in there telling.

Top Contemporary Series

Victoria J Brown - I so enjoyed the Chaos series and although the main character at times annoyed me, she was so warm, human and went through so much. It was great to see where she went and what she learnt throughout these reads. 

Debut Author

Judith Baker - three books out this year, and all different, gripping psychological reads. Just what I love. 

Special Awards

Most Improved Author, Tara Lyons. (this isn't a criticism) I really enjoyed Tara's first novel and have been a fan of hers since. Her second book was more edgy, but the third wow! I feel Tara has really developed her story telling and I am excited to what she brings out next and will be hovering my finger over the pre order button. I am so looking forward to what she has up her sleeve! Bring on 2018. 

#sickoauthor, Mark Tilbury. For bringing storylines, baddies, and darkness in a way that I don't think any other author could pull off so well. He has a mix of horror, tension, grimness to his reads, but also with great characterisation and humour, whether it be sarcastic or not. 

made me ugly cry, Brooke Harris. When it Rains, what an emotionally packed book, with dread filled feeling all the way through, but beautifully written and caught up with the families story so much. I don't cry much at books, but this one, wow... pass the tissues. 

Changing my reading style, Callie Langridge. For a historical time slip novel, that I wouldn't have picked up at all, but the cover drew me in. It is a story that needs to be read, and it is one book that I would definitely read again and get lost in the other world. 

Bringing me back to my youth, Nicola Cassidy. December Girl was a modern day author taking me back to when I devoured Catherine Cookson books in my teens, and it was harrowing and haunting, but again a book that needs to be read. 

hot date award, Betsy Reavely - may not have had a booked published this year, but still knows how to take me on a hot date! Here's to 2018. 

Baddies of the Year

The Mechanic Rob Ashman

The Tall Man Mark Tilbury

Author's books I am most looking forward to reading in 2018

So, so many, even if you didn't make the above lists doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed your reads. 

Anita Waller

Liz Mistry

Dylan Jones

Conrad Jones

Tony Forder

Tara Lyons

Judith Baker. 

Alison Bruce. 

Susie Lynes.

Author of the year

For me it has to be Mark Tilbury, having read his series, and his stand alones, I am always left with the feeling of disgust, horror, and frantically wanting to read the next book! 

As said, he writes stories that no other author could tell without me putting it down, going that is too far fetched, or it isn't real, a mix of the supernatural with the horror of humans.  

#sickoauthor and rightly deserved.