2016 - What An Authorsome Year!

I have debated and deliberated long and hard about my top reads for this year, according to Goodreads it is just under 150 and I know I haven't added them all, this excludes my reads that I have read in my new role as Commissioning Advisor for Bloodhound Books.

This list is difficult to compile for various reasons. I don't want to leave anyone out.

I have read various genres, mostly crime/psychological thrillers/police procedures.

Sarah Kenny has introduced me to a new author and genre, or two actually! As have others such as Helen Boyce.

An overview of my year book wise. This year has seen me take off and out! Working from home making cakes, in my cake room. I don't actually get out much. Customers prefer evenings and weekends after their working day/week to come and see me and collect cakes. This lead me to decide to look ahead to when my son, who was going into year 10 - to think what I would want to do when he left school,

The cake work has been brilliant for being at home, looking after the children, especially holidays and sick days. Having my own work room, helped separate the business from home life slightly. It was still taking over.

I had to work round customers to be able to go to book events, or not take on orders and not then earn the money to spend on book events.

However, I did manage to go to a variety of book launches, tea with Diane Chamberlain, Harrogate to Crime Fest, which I said I would only go to once, and have booked to go again before leaving this year.

I then got offered a job out of the Blue to work for Bloodhound books, so socially my book life has taken off this year.

Which leads me to doing my list as a way to Thank the Author's for not only the time they take in writing, but to going to events, to promote their work....There is not one event, or author this year, that hasn't made me smile, make an effort of just a hello.  From Peter James, Diane Chamberlain to Indie Author's across the board, just WOW. You are all awesome and I am in awe of how you can write everyday words and weave a story.

The last official cake I did was for a Wedding, picked up 16th Nov, 17th Nov, saw me flying out to Iceland with my good friend (met at Diane C event) Timi, what a year we have had!

So for my list, which I am sure I am going to come back to and edit, again and again! As I will go, Oh! I forgot about that book, author, it was brilliant.


Kindle to Book, these are the Books/ARC's I read on Kindle and MUST HAVE as a paper/hardback copy.

In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings

Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton

Death Do Us Part by Steven Dunne

Optician's wife By Betsy Reavley

Before I let you in By Jenny Blackhurst.

These stories for various reasons have stayed with me, and had to have a physical copy to adorn my bookshelf.


Best Book Covers

The Meddler By Donna McCarthy

The Beautiful Dead By Belinda Bauer

The Butchers Hook By Janet Ellis

These books were bought by falling in love with the covers alone! I have only read The Meddler so far. and what a read that was.


Mixed Bag

Genres that are not what I usually read, but wow so pleased I did.

The Meddler by Donna McCarthy - I found this book difficult to get into as the prose is so magical and writing style differing to my usual reads, but once I got it, wow...what a beautiful poetically written book.

Father of Lies, the series, by Sarah E England. - this was a fantastic occult series, which I do not usually read, the second book being my favourite as it was chilling and the presence of evil existed in a place rather than in people.

Top New Crime Series

Malcolm Hollingdrake, his series set in Harrogate, which is a late edition as only just finished the first three, what I love about this series is Malcolm's take on everyday crimes and the way he twists the story around them in a unique way.

Top New Contemporary Series

Roz White, her Sisterhood series, simply heart wrenching, and beautifully written, witty, sad, and just real! I could really imagine this group having cocktails in a bar, living it up, and can't wait to read more of their tales. As well as giving a clear and varied insight into trans gender issues.

Debut Author

I am most excited to read more from is Tara Lyons, I enjoyed Tara's first book, but feel this author has so much more to give, the one I really am looking forward to reading as I know she has the potential to grow and do so much more. That is why I am excited to read her new book, second in the series in January, to see her from the beginning. She is (not) Only A Star, she is someone who has become a great friend.


The highlights this year of my authorsome world have been vast and varied.



Adopt an Author - Amanda Jennings.

For always being smiley and lovely when meeting me.

Insomnia to Tea Author - Kerry Fisher

For agreeing to this and had the best time

Hot Date - Betsy Reavley

Always fun! Always. x

Fan Girl - Elizabeth Haynes

Who I met earlier this year, and she then waited for me to go to another panel, before signing my books, and just being so, so lovely.

Never just turn up to - Jenny (from the block) Blackhursts,

She won't let me in! honestly. Well maybe if I have shoes!

Most shocked - Steven Dunne

For when Timi and I turned up for his launch, mad, but fun!


What all the above author's have is a sense of humour, and made me feel like a mate, and just lovely for them to take time out of their lives to meet, chat with me, or a smile when they were busy.

Baddie of the year

Adam, from Flowers for the Dead by Belinda Copperthwaite

cause you really shouldn't, but you do.

Great Reads of the Year

the men I fell in Love with

Ove, A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

Edward, 600 hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster


Just one more award to go, honestly if you didn't make it, it is no reflection on you, your work...it has been an extremely busy year...and a blast.


Author of the Year Award.

This out of them all was the easiest,


Betsy Reavley.

Not only did Betsy arrange to meet me in a pub, to thank me for my support on her book the Opticians Wife. Which was the first book I read of hers.

It is actually her writing style this award is for.

Betsy is an extremely accomplished author, and I started by reading an ARC (advance reader copy) of the Opticians Wife, which is set in Cambridge. Always a bonus in a story.

I soon read THE QUIET ONES, BENEATH THE WATERY MOON, CARRION, then the awaited new edition to the list FRAILTY.

each and every one of these books are different, dark, with a deeper depth of darkness.

as they are so different, it is difficult to have a favourite between them as they sit in slightly different categories, as well as nearly making me throw up! while reading Beneath the Watery Moon.

 and for that reason she is


 Highly Deserved Betsy Reavley

Highly Deserved Betsy Reavley