An Interview with Dale Hyde

Today I am joined by Dale Hyde, who has just realeased his book The Ink Run, click the book cover to be taken to purchase.

If you could co-write with anyone who would it be?

It's certainly a tough question, with so many amazing unique writers in the world. I would have to say Steven King, just for his sheer presence and longevity in the field of writing. He has churned out so many classics it would be near impossible to not adjust your writing to its highest levels just to work & compete along side him.

Do you read other novels while I write? & what's my preferred genre?

Yes I do, I'm a prolific reader since an early age & while working on my novel I have researched many books for the asylum parts. I also like to read the current books shortlisted for prizes like the man booker etc, to see how good the completion is out there. My favourite genres are crime & horror.

 Are there characters in my book based on people I know? & did they recognise themselves?

Me & my father have often joked about one of the main characters in my book. Stan is a horrible sadistic character and while I did take some character traits from my own father, it was only in reference to light hearted stuff. Thank fully I wasn't raised by Stan, but my Dad does now and again text me and sign off using the name Stan. So yeah I think he sees something of himself in the story.

 What writing advice would I give to someone just starting out?

It's taken me many, many years to complete my debut novel. I have written little contribution parts to a few other books & written magazine articles. But as far as novel writing goes, my advice is get it all down in pen first. Really go old school and get back to the true writing ways. You will spend enough time on lap tops typing it up neat & editing etc. I hand wrote my manuscript then sorted it into rough chapters, continuing on until I had broken it up into more detailed structure. My debut was 156 thousand words. 704 pages at the finished hardback. For me I enjoyed the freedom of a note book, going out writing, leaping out of bed to scribble stuff down. Use the pen, we are not typist's we are writers!


Could you please tell us of your writing routine?

Well I mentioned briefly in the previous question a little of my methods. A day to day structure became towards the end when typing the handwritten manuscript would be, up at 7, read through the previous day & nights work. Edit until satisfied and carry on through to 6/7 pm. Save. Shut down. I have an office so it was nice to close the door, run a bath, cook some food, watch some tv. Just switch off basically, then repeat day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

 was do you have any special places to write?

I'm a little bit like how a method actor would study for specific parts. For example when I wrote the majority of the scenes for the middle of my book in the asylum. I visited weekly my local lunatic asylum. It's no longer the old dark place you can read about in the history books, yet it does have a museum detailing the olden day methods of curing the mad. Over time the curator became interested in what notes I was taking. Gradually allowing me more access than the general public. I actually shut myself inside the only surviving padded cell from Stanley royd & happily submerged myself into the atmosphere I was looking to create.

Thank you for your time in answering the questions Dale.

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