An Interview with Eileen Wharton

If you haven't read Eileen's books, you really should. Two different genres, Shit Happens, which is a brilliant read and I read it before I had my blog, that is one funny, but great read...and Blanket of Blood, which is a police procedure/crime book. Which I am hoping there is a follow up to.

Here is a bit more about Eileen.

Are there characters in your books based on people you know? If they've read it, did they recognise themselves?

My novels are works of fiction but sometimes I might base a character on someone I know. It’s handy for killing off annoying people. Someone once recognised their grandfather. I have some horrible parents in my novels and I always worry that people will think I’m writing about my own when in fact I’ve had the best three parents anyone could wish for. The dysfunctional families bear no resemblance to mine. I like to explore the things that I fear the most when writing crime. Hence the missing children, sadistic killers, rape and violence.

If your personality was described as a book cover, what would it show?

Ooh I’ve never been asked this one before.

Good question.

It would be on the top shelf with a brown paper bag covering it. You’ve made me think what other people would say about my personality. They’d probably say I’m a bit mad and a bit funny (so maybe there’d be clowns on the cover); a bit naughty (hence the top shelf and brown paper bag); disorganised (so maybe the title would be jumbled); loving and caring (so maybe a photo of a nurse, wearing a red heart. There would probably be wine in a drip too.)

 Not sure I’d buy this book!

Do you read your own book reviews - what has been your favourite and the worst?

Oh I absolutely do.

I don’t know a writer who doesn’t.

It would be like not turning up to parents’ night at your kids’ school. You know you might hear something terrible (and I often did) but it’s your duty to go. One of my favourites is a 1 star review for ‘Shit Happens.’ The review said it was the worst thing they’d ever read and went on to give a commode 5 stars. That gave me a giggle. I’ve had some amazing reviews where I have to smack myself around the head (I’m not a pinching kind of girl) to ensure I’m not dreaming. I’m always grateful when people take the time to say something good about my work. You’re always going to get people who don’t like it and that’s ok (they have no taste haha.) There are some great reviews here:

Has a character ever surprised you as to where they want to take the story? And if so, tell us about it.

In my first novel, ‘Shit Happens,’ Rose was supposed to become a prostitute to help make ends meet but when it came to it she just wouldn’t do it. (Not that I blame her, I wouldn’t fancy wanking off old men for a living.) So she had an asthma attack and was rushed to hospital instead. She did work topless in a bar, smuggled drugs from Amsterdam and shagged a Catholic priest so it’s not all bad.

Eileen, you always look so glamorous please tell me you slob out at home …

For a moment I thought you said amorous. I was just about to admit this is true, always amorous. Have you seen my gorgeous man? That’s the third time this week I’ve been called glamorous!

Do I slob out at home? I have been known to fling on a Chanel tracksuit, plonk my Jimmy Choos on the coffee table and let the diamond tiara slip an inch to the left while the hired help whisks up smoked salmon and eggs Benedict.

Seriously, I’m sitting typing in an egg-stained dressing gown, my hair in a pillow perm, face still in a jar on the table, munching on last night’s kebab. Slobbing is one of my favourite pastimes. That and being amorous.

Thanks for having me, Alexina.

Thanks for the great and entertaining answers Eileen,

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