An Interview with Jeffrey G. Roberts

Today I have an interview with Jeffrey G. Roberts, click the links after the interview for more information on his work.

If you were not an author, what would your chosen career be?

 I always wanted to be an aerospace engineer with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I wanted, even as a young boy, to someday be involved with our manned Mars landing. I just never had the head for math that I would have needed, for something that complex. Oh well.


Do you read other novels while you’re working? If so, what is your preferred genre?

 I only read other novels while working, in so far as they might provide me with background information. I try to diversify; to dip my literary toe into other genres, to hone my craft. I love science fiction the most, but I’ve written fantasy, horror, comedy, fantasy/comedy, and even one romance story.


What advice would you give someone who was just starting their writing career?

 My advice for aspiring writers is

A – have patience.

B – Develop a thick skin; able to take rejection (something I have to work on daily!)


 C – Persistence

 A writer once said that to be a successful writer, an aspiring author should go out and buy all the books on writing they can, study them all – then throw them in the garbage! Because if you follow their advice to the letter, you know what your book will be? Bloodless, with no soul, no color, no voice. Your voice. Your style. How many writers in the past broke popularly accepted literary rules? Writers like Hemingway, Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, etc. But in so doing, they developed their own voice & style. Learn your craft well, but then develop your own voice!

 Can you tell us about your work in progress/next book?

 My next book which will be available in May 2018, is an urban paranormal fantasy titled In The Shadow of the House of God.

It is a fantasy, concerning a wager made by the devil, with God. The devil bets God that since Man is such a vulgar, bigoted creature – if you put 1 representative of every religion on Earth (and there are 34,000!) in a titanic edifice of God’s own design – in due time their natural hatreds, mistrust, and animosities will force them to kill each other. And God accepts the devil’s wager, as he plucks 3 people on Earth and has them magically appear in his edifice – at a point in their lives of a shattering crisis of faith/conscience. They are from the 4 corners of the Earth and do not know each other. Thus, the fate of existence itself will be determined by who wins and who loses in this cosmic wager – as God and the devil look down, to see how it all unfolds.

 Who inspires you most as an author?

Probably Ray Bradbury and Douglas Adams. And of course, my Dad, who wrote for radio after WW II; a drama called “Duffy’s Tavern”. He was also in the R.A.F., flying Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. He was one of the Americans in the Screaming Eagles squadron – Americans flying with the R.A.F.

 Jeffrey, can you tell us more about your writing routine, if you have one?

 I don’t really have a set routine. I try to work on my craft every day; at least some aspect of it – research, promotion, proofing & editing, and, of course, the writing itself. There is no set time of day where I’m at my computer, but I’m at my most productive when the muse hits me. And I have to have peace and quiet to work. No music, TV, or distractions, or else the spigot of inspiration shuts off.

thank you for your time Jeffrey. Cherries In Winter, Jeffrey's newest book.