An Interview with Donna Maria MCCarthy

Having fallen in love with The Meddler cover by Donna Maria MCCarthy, I proceeded to read it, and she has a gothic feel to her writing, this isn't an easy book to read in one sitting, it is to be savoured and enjoyed, as she said it is a sort of fairy tale, and those we know are best read out loud to you in the darkness, before going to sleep...dare you?


Where did you get the inspiration for your latest story?

My inspiration for my latest project, which is a Novella called 'Biddy Trott', came from a tiny teeny market town I was living in.  The houses and streets huddled together in this bustling little place and the people were incredibly welcoming, but I never felt like I belonged. Always that everyone was aware of me (perhaps paranoia, lots of authors suffer, honest!) At night it became so dark and mysterious, I ventured out a few times in the very short time I lived there. Once the streets were empty though I knew eyes were upon me, another time 'The Beggars Bowl Fair' was on and although the spirit was high it felt very pagan, in an uncomfortable way. 

So here came my inspiration for 'Biddy Trott' who in turn inspired me to quit this picturesque but claustrophobic little place, very quickly. 

Do you think of the twists first then the story, or does this change every time?

When I start a new project I have no idea where it will lead me. I write the beginning, a sentence or a page and build on it gradually throughout the process, I can't plan like some can as I find it restrictive. I will say that the story is always there in my dark foggy realms, just that it reveals itself in a tantalising way to me. 

Are there characters in your books based on people you know? If they've read it, did they recognise themselves?

My characters are always based on people I have met or know. I love listening, trying to understand what makes one person a hero or comic or even black...I've met a few of these, when your hair stands on end, when you just know that the person you are talking to or even just passing in the street is something more...I'm sure we all have had those moments, sometimes it even scares me to include them in my books, truth. (I sound so weird right now!) 

And you yourself have a very tidy character in my soon to be released,  Novella, Alexina! 

You were an incredible character to form and is why you became a lead. 

With some characters, I intend people to discover themselves, but as I've stated before, others I would rather were forever in the dark! 

What advice would you give someone who was just starting their writing career?

To newbie writers, don't get disheartened, it's so easy to and I should take my own advice! Never get caught up in worrying about sales, they will happen when you least expect them to. Never lose that feeling of excitement, when you think anything is possible, it's true! Anything is possible right up until your last breath. 

If your personality was described as a book cover, what would it show?

The cover of my book describing me would be Black and Shadowy with a Cheshire Cat grin in there somewhere.

Donna, are you working on any of your books becoming an Audible version, especially The Meddler?

Compulsory question! I would love to and will be turning The a Meddler into an audiobook! Thank you, I agree with you Alexina, would be fab to have it read to the child in every adult! 

Fairytales are just sad or horrific histories made palatable with fine words or magic weaves! 

Great fun though! 


Thank you for your time Donna, and I hope to hear more about Biddy and the adventures you are going to create in future books.