An Interview with LJ Ross

Louise Ross, with her highly acclaimed DCI Ryan Mystery series, has taken the time to chat to me, find out more about LJ Ross, and click the picture to take you through to amazon to purchase Angel, the 4th book in the series. High Force, is published on 31st January 2017

What advice would you give someone who was just starting their writing career?

Be objective and be brave. It is never easy to look critically at your own work, or to accept critique, but it is imperative that you do. Set against that, you need to be able to weed out those comments that are merely criticism and have no real constructive value. Once you’ve mastered the art of discernment, be brave and unleash yourself on the world, don’t let your manuscript sit in a drawer for ten years gathering dust!

Can you tell us about your work in progress/next book idea?

While I was writing my most recent book, High Force, I created a character I liked so much that I’ve decided to give him his own brand new series! He is a top notch criminal profiler but not in the usual FBI sense. I have big plans for him – watch this space!

What is the best and hardest thing about being an author?

The best thing about being an author is having the freedom to do the work you are passionate about, at whatever time of day you choose! The hardest thing is not comparing yourself to others, or getting sucked into that self-conscious mentality. I try to remember that everyone has different tastes and styles.

Which of your books have you enjoyed writing to date and why?

I’ve enjoyed writing all my books, but I think there is something very special about the first one. When I was writing Holy Island I had no real expectations and I felt that I was writing mostly for myself, rather than for an audience. It’s very liberating!

Has a character ever surprised you as to where they want to take the story? And if so, tell us about it.

Initially when I began writing the DCI Ryan series, the character of ‘The Hacker’ was consigned to the past, as part of my main protagonist’s back story. However, after Holy Island was released I heard from so many readers asking to know more about what had happened between Ryan and the notorious serial killer I’d created to haunt his nightmares. For the past four books, he has been behind bars at a maximum security prison, but in my most recent book High Force he has finally broken free and it was so much fun to explore his character more, in the present. He is, in many ways, the dark side to Ryan’s moon.

Louise what was the inspiration of the setting in your books? Also do you like to snack when writing, if so what is your favourite snack?

Northumberland was a huge inspiration for the settings in my books, starting with the causal island of Lindisfarne, which is cut off from the mainland twice a day by the North Sea. So much of the landscape in the North-East is dramatic and atmospheric, it’s hard not to be inspired by that kind of scenery!

Yes, I certainly do snack while I’m writing. Mostly on Ferrero Rocher…


Thank you Louise for taking the time to answer my questions, link below to find out more of Louise’s news and her fantastic series with DCI Ryan.

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