An Interview With Tara Lyons

Tara kindly sharing how she got into the authorsome role of a published Author....

Do you think of the twists first then the story, or does this change every time?

When I start writing I think I know one twist – the major twist – and I build from there. I don’t like to plan all the twists because I think that seems too rigid; if I’m not surprised, how can the reader be? I killed one of the characters in my first book, In the Shadows, who I had originally planned to have at the ending. The story and character dictated that change mid-way through the book.

If you were not an author, what would your chosen career be?

I’d probably still be in the career in I was in before writing (and before motherhood and voluntary redundancy!). I was an assistant editor for an in-house magazine for eight years and loved it. I wasn’t writing fiction, but I was writing! The team consisted of myself and the assistant, so we created the magazine each week, interviewed people and took their photographs, as well as designing the look and feel of the publication. It was creative, and that’s what I enjoyed.

If you've spent time researching for your book, how difficult is it to not overload the reader?

Sometimes I probably send too much time researching, but it’s because I love finding out about new things. I also think it’s important that I have a clear understanding about whatever it is I’m researching – I have three pages of notes on a single topic and only used about a paragraph of that in my new book… It’s all the reader needed to know so they weren’t overloaded and distracted from the story.

Can you tell us about your work in progress/next book idea                                      

My next book is a book 2 in the DI Hamilton series. In my mind, In the Shadows was a standalone when I began the story in 2015.

However, I really got a taste for the characters and missed Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton and his team. It was also lovely to hear from readers who said they wanted to know more about him. So, book 2 is bringing him back and introduces some of his personal background. But, as before, the book is divided between the police aspect and the “human” aspect as I like to think of it – therefore we follow DI Hamilton and Katy Royal, a single mother running from her dark past.

There’s also been some re-jigging with the MIT and some new characters join the ranks. My work in progress is book 3… but that’s all your getting for now.


If your personality was described as a book cover, what would it show? 

 I’ve seen you ask this question before and I love it… I just wish I could answer it easily! But, as it’s a favourite of mine, I’ll give it a try…

My book cover would have an image of the dark Darwin from the X-Men. Sadly, I don’t have the superpowers he does, but I can change my lifestyle and personality depending on the situation I’m in – so, I “adapt to survive.” To some friends I am the listener and confidant, to others I’m the joker and chatterbox.

I’m a mother, a sister and a daughter. A writer, business woman and a homemaker. All those roles require a different personality at different times of the day, week or year… and I can handle that.
*she says and pours another large glass of wine*

Tara, as a new author can you tell us about how it felt to be signed by Bloodhound Books? gushing is allowed.

It was a dream come true! I thoroughly enjoyed self-publishing my debut and co-written novels and have learnt so much in a short space of time. But, I can’t deny the overwhelming excitement of becoming a signed author with Bloodhound Books. I had been watching their incredible momentum for some time, read quite a few of their authors and built up my confidence to approach them. I’m so glad I did. They really listen to my ideas and trust me as a writer, and the confidence they’ve given me has pushed me on these last few months. I love the personal touch they give to their authors and I really hope that together we’ll deliver a DI Hamilton series readers will enjoy.

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Thank you for your answers Tara, and good luck with the writing career, it is off to an exciting start...and please come back and update us...