An Interview With Betsy Reavley

An interview with Betsy her new book Frailty is out now. Click on the link to order, read on to find out more...

Where did you get the inspiration for your latest story?

 wanted to write a book about what it meant to be a parent. We see tragic cases on the news, like the Madeline McCann story, but I think sometimes people forget what the parents are actually going through. We are so used to looking for suspects that we detach ourselves from the horrific emotional reality, which makes it easier for us to handle. I wanted this book to challenge that and make the readers look at it in all its raw ugliness.

Do you think of the twists first then the story, or does this change every time

I’m not so sure this book has many twists. I didn’t plan for it to be that kind of novel. As far as I  was concerned, when writing it, it was a study of how people react to a horrible situation and also how the sexes differ in dealing with stress.

How much involvement do you have in the cover design, and how important do you think book covers are?

I’m a stickler when it comes to cover design. I think it’s really important that the designer has a grip on the story they are going to be selling, which is effectively what the cover should do. Generally I’m really pleased with the results.

 If you were not an author, what would your chosen career be

Actress I think. I’d love to be involved in making films. Writing, in some ways is a bit like acting, especially when you write in the first person. You need to get under the skin of your character, and become them almost, in order to give the story gravitas.

If you could co-write with anyone, who would it be and why?

Really boring answer I wouldn’t want to write with anyone. I think I could work with someone else if I were producing a film script or play but I just wouldn’t be any good at working with anyone when it came to producing a novel. But, for the sake of playing the game properly I will say that I would have liked to have work with James Herbert, because I have a love of good horror. 

Do you read other novels while you're working? If so, what is your preferred genre?

I rarely read anything other than crime, thrillers or horror. I just don’t enjoy other genres as much. I have to read submissions when I am writing but I generally don’t read that much fiction because I don’t want other peoples work to creep into my head when I am trying to produce something of my own.

Are there characters in your books based on people you know? If they've read it, did they recognise themselves

Many of the character s in all my books are loosely based on people I know, but they are extreme versions of them usually and not true to life.

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Helen Claire from will be continuing the Q and A on her blog at the end of the month. 30th November,

 Click through to purchase The Optician's Wife, Published earlier this year and I highly recommend as one of my top reads in 2016.

Click through to purchase The Optician's Wife, Published earlier this year and I highly recommend as one of my top reads in 2016.

Thank you for your time Betsy, good luck with the launch of Frailty, it is one of my all time favourite reads this year.