a refresh to the blog...

A few weeks ago, things kicked off on Twitter, 

rightly or wrongly, about people that work for publishing companies should not be on blog tours, we can't have an unbiased view of the books we review. 

Also, that bloggers, blitzes etc...are unfair, as we generally all rate books three stars and above. 

From my point of view - I have a job I love, I read books that interest me, I request books that I know I will enjoy. 

I started my blog to shout about books, authors I enjoy reading. It is my hobby, it is done in my spare time, If you aren't enjoying a hobby - what do you do? 

I had been helping on the blog tours for/with Sarah as we were building up the bloggers we had for Bloodhound Books, or if unfortunate unseen events happen I said I would step in. I have to date read the majority of the books as commission so if I haven't read the final versions, I know enough of the story to be able to leave a review. 

We had decided to back out, and do the last few, the last one for me being Pressure by Betsy Reavley which is out on May 4th - due to it all kicking off, I backed off all tours. 

This left me with a conundrum on how to run my blog, and do I really have time for it? i don't do as much as i thought I would on here with extensions of author interviews etc. 


For now, I am going to keep my blog. I will share the reviews of the books I have read, it will still and always will be Bloodhound Books that I mostly review, so I am going to make a new page, and blog the BHB books from there. Especially as I get my Advanced Reader Copies from #Netgalley

The reviews in crime etc...will be the reads that are by other publishers, this way it I feel I can run my blog as I want to, all reviews on any books, whoever published are my own views. Like anything in life, I as you have my preferences, and I am lucky enough that my preference of what I enjoy to read is linked with my job.