Summer 2017

I am sitting here, in the living room, with my laptop funny enough on my lap. Husband is watching BBTC (touring cars), he is back to work tomorrow and trying not to think about it. Me, I am sitting here writing up reviews from the very few books I have read over the last few weeks and excited to get back to work. 

Nearly a year on, I am trying to work out which date I got the phone call last August that changed my year from September onwards. It isn't quite a year yet. 

What else has changed? -

Life as always is throwing curve balls, but it wouldn't be life if it didn't. 

The challenge this week is to try and find school trousers at a decent price for son, who is 15 and doesn't fit into the generic school trousers that they have in shops because they finish at age 15-16! and are standard length. So the fun of taking a teen son shopping for trousers he doesn't want to wear in the first place is joyous. Then we will be on to shoe shopping! fun, plain black sturdy and size 12 at least he was last time. 

I have found that now working in the book world, I still love socialising and going to book events, but am going to be more choosy this year to which ones I attend. 

My reading style has changed, where I would finish work and read, and read all weekend... I now find I don't want to, I read during the day for work and need a breather before my own reading. This actually has been a bit difficult as changing jobs was to give me freedom, but I didn't know what else to do. 

We have had two weeks off, one week we spent in Norfolk, and walked, and walked, across the costal paths, along the beaches, through the small towns we visited. This has geared me up to keep up with walking, now I could listen to audible books, but I like the not having to concentrate, so must remember to take my mp3 player instead. OH, and my camera. I have always liked taking photo's and am going to take them for me, for fun. 

I never do anything without purpose so I can't just go for a walk because I want to...I am hoping with the camera and listening to music it will help. 

I am looking forward to the fresh new challenges and seeing what lands in my inbox for reads for Bloodhound Books and what new author's are out there to be discovered this coming year. 

As always September for me Is the start of a "New Year" and it definitely was last year.