What to pay for Books? Especially E Books?

Over the last week I have seen various posts on Social Media, mainly Facebook about the rise in E book prices..

There is a huge misconception that it is easy to upload the file to Amazon or other purchasing platforms, and that is it...

No, it isn't.

There are glitches that often need to be worked out, someone has to spend time still editing, proof reading, having amazing covers as you aren't picking the book up to flick through, surely the eye candy has to be that bit sweeter to catch your eye? Not even mentioning the Author's that have worked their fingers to the bone to get this work out to you.

Okay, my real opinion. I blame Amazon, I blame the fact that to sell Kindles to us, they gave us so many books either free or for 99p and added VAT to these, they sold us an item, they sold us a dream of cheap and convenience.

This as a reader, fitted with my life at the time.

I love downloading books to read as and when, I have read so many more indie author's that wouldn't get a look in being published and stocked in a  book shop. Many of these are author's I continue to read works of time and again, I also highly rate them and recommend to family and friends.

For the love of reading it is a book, it is a story, it has been written with intent for you to enjoy. Regardless if it is e-books, paperbacks, audible or hard back.

For me, I love my kindle, and won't do without, I also love paperbacks, and have a collection of them signed, or waiting to be signed. If I feel I want to read the e copy and then purchase the book to be signed. I will.

What I personally am happy to pay for this, is different to what you may want to pay.

However spare a thought to the work that is involved and that an author has spent months if not years working on aspects of getting the book finished,  to be uploaded to the various platforms for you to buy.

If you are unhappy with the price then please visit your library and hope that the author's are signed with the Public Lending Right to make a small income from any books that are borrowed.

Or take your time and read less books. What you decide you think is right to pay for something is always personal circumstances as well as choice, but please spare a thought of how the authors feel when reading these comments.