Book Launch, Jane E James

When life gets ahhhh....and everything, well not everything, but two important events to you clash.

So I had booked to go to Jane's event it is in Peterborough, perfect, happy and confident to go there on my own if needs be, it isn't overly crowded, been numerous times and I lived there so feel confident in going. Yes, I can do this, I can go, I can even go alone without feeling too anxious and then a letter from school.

Parents Evening, now as much as I love books and events, parents evening is always something I have done. It is one of the jobs I took on as a mum, you know your child is doing well at school, you know if they weren't the school would let you know.

You know child has recently had predicted grades, but, BUT! This is one of the silent rules I feel of parenting, if I don't go, I don't look interested and I am interested, but there is a book event!

Of course I go to parents evening, which is like speed dating, three minutes per teacher, not in the same yeah, it works as a system so well.

I manage to talk husband into coming with me, to do the last few appointments, and I said, I will discuss everything in the others, not that you get much chance in three minutes and child is with us so the teachers direct the questions to child... anyway, we go, it is running late we fit all bar the last in. I left son and husband, brisk walked so briskly that I attempted a jog...just don't! not a good look....

I manage to get a lift to the station, the taxi pulled up, just as I had about caught my breath to knock on the door to say I had arrived for my lift...

The train when it arrived was heaving! Totally full to the brim.... we managed to get a seat part way through the journey, but more importantly we had a sneaky toast on the way.

The book launch was for Jane's second book, but first published by Bloodhound books, I may have mentioned them a few times before.... Jane's newest read is The Crying Boy, and boy did she have an eerie feel with THOSE PAINTINGS, the eyes watching you.

Waterstones had a great set up with books displayed, wine flowing and cupcakes with the images of the book cover. Perfect.
The atmosphere was as bubbly as Jane's personality, which you will know is extremely so if you have met her.

Jane with her book, me, Eva (author), and Tracey (who I had met online).

I purchased my copy of the book, and waited inline for Jane to sign it, as well as one for my friend Timi. I have read TCB on kindle, but was worthy of purchasing to have the cover, and is sitting happily on the shelf with the other Bloodhound Books I have managed to purchase and have signed so far.

There were plenty of people to chat to, other author's, bloggers, readers, Jane's publishers who where there to support her.
It really made even the slight attempt at jogging worthwhile to be able to attend.

Thank Jane and Darren for the wonderful after party... such a good night had, and I wish Jane success with this and her next book, that sounds different to The Crying Boy, but equally as intriguing.