OMG Here Goes....

I have had numerous friends, people I am connected with on Facebook ask me recently when are you going to write a story? You would make such a good author?

After blushing, the fear dying down, and really? Can I?
Well, after the year I have had, and now never say never. 

The need to write has been itching away.

I am unsure if I have a full length novel waiting to be written, however previous to my "caking years" when the children were very young. I started to write poems, These were poems about incidents, feelings as a mum. I made them rhyme, some flowed better than others, but that was okay. They weren't ever supposed to see the light of day. They were for me, to me, to reflect on what I was going through.

For approximately 15 years cake making took over the creative space and I lost the art (if it was even that) of writing poems.

After clearing the cake debris from my brain, I have space to pick up a pen and a friend gave me a note book for Christmas and said "Fill it with stories"

So with trepidation and bravery, and angst, If I am going to do this writing lark, I am going to go the whole emotional roller coaster never doing anything by halves!

I am going to use this corner of my blog for me to share with you...

Donna McCarthy, who is a great friend through Facebook, is putting together an anthology of short stories, poems etc...and you didn't need to be a published writer, so I put pen to paper, and have sent off two shorts. Well one is so short, not even sure if it counts as a short. Anyway, it is sat there waiting to be read. I shall know later in the year, so will keep you posted.

In the meantime I am going to just jot notes about events I have been to, poems, ideas, and chat on this corner...and if you would like to come visit, please do.

so here goes, the sharing part.

I wrote this back in October. I did add it to my blog page on Facebook, but shall re write it here.


You walked along the deserted beach

Found me nestling in the sand

I caught your eye

You picked me up, held me high.

Saw me glisten in the sunlight.

Clouds scudded across the sun.

It was then you saw my flaws

My darkened Soul,

You had been holding me too long

I got jaded, you got weary.

It was then that you splayed your fingers

let me fall

like the grains of Sand where you first found me.

Oct 2016.

Do not analyse, or wonder where it came from. I have no clue.....